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Every year, 24/7 Wall Street identifies American brands that we anticipate will disappear before completion of the following year. This year’s list shows the reality that mergers and purchases are at unprecedented levels. While a few of the firms on this list may vanish because they continue to be at the bottom of their market because of weak items and administration, lots of could disappear due to the fact that they are doing so well.

The three brands below are related to technology so from the ten brands that Wall Street listed, we picked these three to discuss.



Shutterfly is a Web 1.0 company in social networking sites. While it remains to control on the internet image printing sector, the development of free of cost sharing and on-line storage space websites such as Instagram, Facebook and Dropbox has compromised the business’s future capability to draw in customers. Numerous of these solutions are enhanced or belonging to mobile, where Shutterfly falls short.

Shutterfly had a small 2.55 million consumers in the first quarter of 2014, as compared to 2.25 million the same quarter last year. Despite the fact that revenue rose 22 % year over year to more than $783 million, it continues to be a little business. While Facebook does not produce revenue straight from this service, its customers published 350 million pictures a day last year.
Shutterfly shares fell 18 % over the previous year, against an almost 20 % gain in the S&P 500. Yet with shares down it has actually become an attractive purchase target in the on-line sharing or storage business with limited exposure to paying clients for screened printed photos, cards or schedules. The discount frenzy in the tech market has public firms such as and Apple, which have significant cash money mobs, trying to find brand-new corresponding companies. The company has retained a financial investment bank to look for a buyer.


Since 2008, BlackBerry, then running as Research In Motion, had 19.5 % of the global smartphone market. Complying with Apple’s introduction of the apple iphone in 2007 and Google’s launch of the Android mobile operating tract in 2008, that figure fell to less compared to 1 % by late 2013.

Regardless of the fanfare bordering the release of two new phones in 2013, sales of the Z10 and Q10 were abysmal. At the end of last year, BlackBerry outsourced its equipment to Foxconn to concentrate on its software offerings.
The business has placed its QNX system as one of the most safe and secure operating system for mobile interaction, and it is now a leading OS in the auto and healthcare sectors. While these are eye-catching companies for potential buyers, they are poor on their own to make the company feasible.
Revenue has continued its multiyear slide, verifying the belief that BlackBerry can not survive by itself. In the most recently stated quarter, income dropped to $966 million from $3.1 billion in the same quarter the year just before.


Zynga can be considered the solitary greatest social networking sites failing among current IPOs. The leading service provider of video games on Facebook has been incapable to match the success of Farmville, its initial hit. Facebook additionally ended its partnership with the gaming company in 2012, successfully limiting Zynga’s accessibility to the social network’s 1 billion customers and making it harder for the company to promote its video games.


The company moved slowly into the mobile system, and after it fell short to develop success of its own, it got prominent titles such as Draw Something and Words With Friends. However new rivals like King Digital, mold of preferred mobile video game Candy Crush, continuously crowd the market. Similarly, typical video game business like Digital Fine arts have actually likewise begun to shift their titles to mobile devices, challenging the social video gaming business’s placement.

The question is whether Zynga has enough need for its products to assist it as an independent public company. The business stated everyday active users in the very first quarter of 2014 were down nearly FIFTY % to 28 million, compared to 52 million in the very first quarter of 2013.

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How Plumbers, Gardeners, and Contractors Can Use CRMs To Better Manage Their Customers

Whether we like it or not, we have to admit that we are already living in a world that is evolving and adapting to changes. These changes occurred due to the advancement of technology that we have grasped in our everyday lives. They may haven’t noticed it but nowadays, people are definitely living with technology already. In schools, work, and even in our very own homes, we are using different devices which were invented with the help of technology.

A lot of people say that using different kinds of technology helped them make things easier and even better and faster. An example of that is at school where enrolment is no more a hassle since the process is already automated and the required documents are already stored on their computer systems. Even our way of transportations are already advanced as some of them are already operated electronically.

At home, it is already easier to cook and feel comfortable since we already own different kinds of appliances and when it comes to our gardens, pipes and the like, it has also been proven that those contractors who use CRMs or Customer Relationship Management makes it easier to get things done and interact with the customers.

Why you ask?

The answer is quite obvious, in definition, CRMs involves using technology to organise, automate and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service and technical support.

Even big gardeners South London have made their small businesses into great ones with the help of the said CRMs. CRMs are indeed a great tool to use since it would be easier for anyone to manage all appointment to any customers. For example, whenever a plumber is still doing a job for a specific customer, it would be a headache if someone else calls and ask for a plumber’s services.

For Battersea landscapers, it has been easy for them to give advice, have your garden measured and surveyed since they have managed all of their processes really well all thanks to CRMs. Gardening and landscaping requires a lot of time to finish the job. Landscapers need to contact different contractors and suppliers to provide you the right kinds of tools and decorations for your home garden. It would be a hassle if they do not manage all of the people who are involved with the job.

Having CRMs helps you and your customer have a good relationship where you can easily monitor you’re their feedbacks and complaints which can be a basis for you to make some improvements and do better. When it comes to processes, the help that CRMs provide is also an advantage since you can keep things organised that give you a stressed-free job. From the moment a customer walks in or calls for your help, until you can and make business to the suppliers or contractors as well. It would be easier for you to manage all of the files of the customers since it would all be stored on your computer’s storage files which can be easy to locate at the same time.

New Websites to Checkout!

I saw this infographic uploaded in 2011 claiming that 571 websites are created every minute. Fast forward to 2014, the number could have doubled. The web is indeed vast and the possibilities for one’s creativity is unimaginable. Every minute, as websites are created, our digital life becomes easier and all sorts of information are easily accessed. We are indeed caught in the whirlwind of transparent communication and information.

We will be posting every now and then great stuff we find in the internet and in this category, these cool websites will be shared to you. This of course, after we’ve tried and tested it.

Here are the first five:

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